These pages are a collection of work accumulated through years of my on and off “affair” with art. My subjects originate from many things that capture my elusive attention and somehow get lodged into the deep recesses of consciousness, constantly begging to be put down in abstract forms and colors.

With no formal art education, my method and approach most of the time can be seen as crude and experimental, and this is the part I enjoy the most – not knowing what’s behind the hills. Creating art, in my own personal experience, is more fulfilling when done in reckless abandon.

While lacking the conventional background, my influence spans far and wide, from Van Gogh, Monet, Rothko, deKooning and Bay Area Figurative artists such as Oliveira, Park, Diebenkorn to contemporary ones like Alvaro Castagnet and Frank Webb.

I welcome and appreciate any comments/thoughts/questions on these works.

Lito San Juan