Olheu (Acrylic on Canvas, 20×16)

 Have not tried many portrait paintings as I find depicting a meaningful representation of a human face too restrictive for my playful brush and palette knife. With Olheu (Mardi Gras 2015), I’ve experimented with a few methods to abstraction while maintaining the essence of a beautiful face. Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring is one of my favorites, and while Olheu is by no means in the same league, the red earring is a passing tribute to the 17th century dutch master.

Appreciate any comments/thoughts/feedback from contemporary portrait masters out there…..

3 thoughts on “Olheu

  1. Beautiful piece, I myself don’t have much of any eye toward the abstract arts but I can appreciate this piece. The contrast of the colors of blue yellow do add a nice touch & the eating is quite a nice homage


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